About us

In 1992 is established the first productive plant of the group, dedicated to the manufacture of parts in PRFV and SMC/BMC for the truck and commercial buses of the brand DINA. Later in the year of 1998 in order to expand its market, the productive plant changes its name to Plásticos Automotrices de Sahagún (PADSA), thereby achieveing the beginning of automotive parts manufacturing, having as the first customer to Chrysler de México and later in 1998 achieving the first business with GM; this way and with the joint effort of all the staff, this plant continued the attraction of new projects and for 2006 begins business with the company LEAR Mexicana.

In 2008, and in order to be more competitive in an increasingly demanding market, the productive plant starts the Injection Molding Process (IMC), and strengthens new projects with VW de México and Industries John Deere. This productive plant is located in the industrial complex of Cd. Sahagún in the State of Hidalgo, 55 miles northeast from México City.

Our location

  • Address: Corredor Industrial S/N Cd. Sahagun, Hgo. 43970, Zona Industrial, 43990 Cd Sahagún, Estado de Hidalgo
  • Phone: (791) 913 8500
  • Fax: (791) 913 8551