About us

This productive plant was founded in 1996 by German capital under the name of Termoplásticos Técnicos de México, whose speciality was the manufacture of plastic parts using the conventional injection molding process. Due to its proximity to the VW Assembly plant and product demand, this productive plant goes from having 2 injection machines in 1996 to 40 injection machines by the year of 2011. It was in 2012 when the A&P Solutions Group closes negotiations to acquire this plant that will become in the third productive plant of the group, whose business complements the other 2 productive plants of the Group and gives it competitive force not only in the automotive and auto parts sector, but also in the trucks and tractors sectors in which we already had presence.

This productive plant is located in the region of Cuautlancingo in the State of Puebla, only a few meters from the VW Assembly plant and from its main suppliers.

Our location

  • Address: Río Lerma #1, Km. 116 Autp. México- Puebla Sn. Lorenzo Almecatla, Cuatlancingo, Puebla, México, C.P. 72730
  • Phone: (222) 211 7030
  • Fax: (222) 211 7030