About us

The Steels plant is created from the need to provide in time, form and with the appropriate costs the metallic parts for the Dina Trucks units as awning structure, banking structure, rear and front structure. It was born independently in 2012, where the operation of more than 3,000 required designs began. It has equipment and processes of laser cutting, automatic punching, painting system, bending machines, rollers, shears, certified welding.

As of April 2017 Group A&P Solutions takes over the properties of the A&P Solutions Components, with the aim of continuing with the production of parts for Dina trucks and at the same time achieve sustainable growth of the plant, obtaining new customers with new products.

Our location

  • Address: Corredor Industrial S/N Cd. Sahagun, Hgo. 43970, Zona Industrial, 43990 Cd Sahagún, Estado de Hidalgo
  • Phone: (791) 913 8500
  • Ext: 8583 - 8584